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Hair Dryer

The hair is of so much importance to the face, that the gracefulness of a woman’s head, and the likeness of a man’s portrait, depend in a great measure upon its arrangement. Do not leave it to average hair dryers and surely don't rely on average biased hair dryer reviews. Trust me to provide an unbiased review of every hair dryer in the reckoning.

Hair dryers are manufactured by a multitude companies and brands all over the world today. There are many types of technologies used in these dryers and also a combination of one or more of these. Some use less damaging heat and others help to soften hair and add shine.

Each dryer comes with a different power. A minimum of 1875 watt of power is generally recommended for fast drying. Less wattage is best for shorter hair or limited sections of hair.

Speeds and heat settings can offer a plethora of interesting combinations. Warm and hot temperatures can dry quickly but also damage your hair more. A cold button is often provided to help lock in the dried and styled hair.Different types and lengths of hair need different kinds of drying and setting procedures. Some dryers are suited for personal use, others for salon or for both. Whilst it is true that perceptions and preferences for using hair dryers will vary from person to person, yet some features may stand out that generalized. Some reviews of well-known products

No Time To Read Long Reviews, Try Our Top Picks

Make & ModelMaterialRatingPrice
Deva Blow Dryer with DiffuserIonic8/10$124.00
Conair 276R Infiniti Pro Volume DryerIonic Ceramic7.5/10$34.99
xtava Allure 2200W Professional IonicIonic Ceramic7.5/10$36.00
John Frieda Full Volume Hair DryerIonic8/10$49.99
Conair 1875-Watt Cord KeeperIonic8/10$34.99
Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care EH-NA27-PPIonic7/10$108.34
Hot Tools Turbo Ceramic Ionic Salon DryerCeramic Ionic6/10$35.48
Elchim 3900 Hair DryerIonic Ceramic9.5/10$189.00
T3 Featherweight 2 DryerTourmaline8/10$190.00
BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme DryerCeramix6/10$37.62

Top Hair Dryer Brands 2016

Hair Dryer brands promise frizz-free and effortless volume. Out of the hair dryer brands in the market, which one has the best hair dryer?


Remington AC2015C T|Studio Silk AC Professional Hair Dryer, PinkRemington AC2015C T|Studio Silk AC Professional Hair Dryer, PinkKnown for their durability and stability, Remington hair care products are probably the most popular across the globe. Their patent pending Pearl Ceramic technology is best incorporated in the ‘AC2015 T|Studio’, which allows for Ionic conditioning of your hair. It has incredibly fast air flow and is said to last longer than other brands.


Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair DryerConair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair DryerLong time players Conair are managing to hang among the favorites with new products like ‘1875 Watt Ionic Turbo Styler’ and ‘Infinity Pro’. Users rate Conair higher mainly because of its quick drying capabilities. Conair’s subsidiary Babyliss and its flagship BabylissProTT and other BabylissPro offerings have done better than the parent company recently.

Velecta Paramount

Velecta Paramount X:Q Onyx Blow DryerVelecta Paramount X:Q Onyx Blow DryerAlthough, all the listed brands operate in a consumer driven market, this one is definitely worth a mention. Specializing in hair-styling tools and world leaders in professional blow dryer design & technology, Velecta Paramount offers custom labeling on their products to corporate clients. Their dryers possess intense power, top-notch performance, unmatched reliability and they still manage to be the quietest and lightest there are. The flagship product ‘Envy+ onyx’ is designed to consume much less power with ‘Energy Smart Technology’. It has tourmaline fused ceramic elements for high negative Ion output and a dual nozzle. I do not have enough words to explain all the features but you will be astonished to find out that they are crafted by hands.


Revlon RV544PKFA big name in cosmetics, Revlon’s products are known for the wattage of a full sized hair dryer while managing to stay compact, lightweight and affordable. If you travel a lot you can kiss the wimpy hotel dryer good-bye with the ‘Perfect Heat 1875W Compact Dryer’. The handle folds in for easy storage and your hand can catch a break too with the weight under a pound. And if you are looking forward to get a powerful tourmaline ionic ceramic dryer under budget, you might want to consider the ‘RV544PKF’.

Worth Mentioning

There are a lot of other options including technology & designs from some very famous stylists to hair-treatment franchisees. There are also some who despite lacking capital spending abilities have competed and surged above the big players painlessly, based solely on their innovative offerings like Solano Power, they have been making name among thick-haired consumers with their SuperSolano Xtralite branding.

Other Significant innovations are Elchim’s 2001 Professional Hair Dryer, Harry Josh Pro Tool Dryer 2000, John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer, Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry, T3 Featherweight Luxe, Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer, Moroccanoil Professional Series and CHI’s Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer. These were all launched as expensive professional dryers, on the contrary, the success stories are celebrated and inspired enough to say that they are worth the investment. These are the best of the best hair dryer brands out there.

Elchim Classic 2001 Dryer, Red/BlackElchim Classic 2001 Dryer, Red/Black
Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer the Official Hair Dryer of DrybarDrybar Buttercup Blow Dryer the Official Hair Dryer of Drybar
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro DryPaul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Dry

Top Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

Curly hair are the most difficult type of hair to style and there is no disagreement that performing this miracle on curly hair as effortlessly as a professional is a mystery to date. Not Any more.

It’s worth your time to research the best available products out there. Because, the right ones can get rid of the frizz and boost shine in your curls that last all day long. It starts with gadgets as basic as a blow dryer. Is your dryer ionic? Does it have a powerful motor (at least 1500 watts)? Did it come with more than one attachment? If you answered no to any of these questions chances are you do not like your hair dryer already. Also we don't want you to get stuck with long reviews and technical terms. We are simplifying the reviews, we will break it down to the bare essentials. Let us help you find the best dryers for your curls. Before you start cursing your old blow dryer consider these top picks for curls:

DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser

DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser for curly hairIf you feel that the diffuser in your blow dryer is the most important unit for the curls (which we do) the DevaDryer’s patented hand-shaped DevaFuser is the latest innovation. This new technology will change the way you feel about hair. You get all the essentials like an ion-generator, a long-lasting 1600 watt AC motor, three temperature settings, and a cool shot button. Plus, the diffuser is designed to be effective for curls and save time. When you dry the roots keep the heat at a minimum and the diffuser’s 360 degrees blow dry action will gently dry the hair on the top too. You don’t need to flip your hair for that extra fluffiness, it all happens when you flatten up the roots. Another bonus that comes along with this advanced diffuser is that there is no need for a brush to detangle your curly hair anymore (we all know how discomforting that is with curls). The concentrator on this dryer is not the best but that is not what it’s famous for.

Top Hair Dryers Under 50 - Ceramic

Important to strategize what you really value in a hair dryer. Here are the top hair dryers under 50 with ceramic technology which give you head turning salon-like hair.

Conair Infiniti Cord Keeper

To define your average hair dryer would just mean turning the damp into dry. But we are not in for trying to smoothen the frizz and flyaway all day, nor do we have a fortune to throw around on the expensive professional ones. Luckily there are many fool-proof options in every price range. But, before you rush to the list it is important to strategize what you really value in a hair dryer. Here are the top hair dryers under 50 that will give you head turning salon-quality hair.

Talk about value for money? The Conair Infiniti Cord Keeper makes the most out of its reviews not just because of the price-tag of just under $35, but also because of the professional-like features it offers. It has a high performance motor with wattage of 1875, three different heat settings and two speed settings. It also comes boxed with diffuser and concentrator attachments.

Top Ceramic Hair Dryers Under 50Top ceramic hair dryers under 50 on amazon - Conair YOU Reel 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic 2-in-1 Styler, BlueReview: The InStyle magazine didn’t name it the best inexpensive blow dryer for any reason. The publication maintains their research findings where it seemed to last three times more than other dryers in its price range. The hair dryer also gets good reviews in the Allure magazine and outstanding ratings from amazon customers.
You will get a 4 year limited warranty and that should be good enough to describe its durability. However, some reviews complain about the weight and poor control and some also question safety measures. In 2013, the dryer was re-called for being possible fire hazard; newer models are promised to be safe though.

Types Of Hair Dryers

Confused by the choices available - Ionic Hair Dryer Technology, Ceramic hair dryer vs titanium hair dryer material. We have the answers.

As far as science and technology dates back, there are stories in history about how people in past have tried to find innovative methods of drying and setting their hair. Perhaps the most notable was the concept of trying to iron out the wet hair, even with hot coals in the improvised ‘ hair dryer’!

Thankfully, today we don’t have to resort to such drastic and hazardous means. The electric hair dryer is surely a great invention of modern times. Once a simple tool to aid in quickly drying out wet hair, today the humble dryer has undergone metamorphosis into multiple avatars, from amateur to professional use, with variations in design and technology.


Babyliss Pro 2000 Watt Ionic Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Babyliss Pro 2000 Watt Ionic Nano Titanium Hair Dryertypes of hair dryers

These hair dryers break down the water molecule into ions. Hence, in addition to hot air required for the blow dry, it aids in smoothening out the hair by locking in moisture. These hair dryers have the least damaging impact and are in fact fantastic for dry and damaged hair. They work wonders for those with frizzly and coarse types of hair as well, as the moisture helps to nourish the hair and give it a well settled look with sheen.



xtava Allure 2200W Professional Hair Dryer

          xtava Allure 2200W Professional Hair Dryertypes of hair dryers

These are great inventions, since they take out infra-red heat which does not cause harmful damage to hair or the surrounding skin and the underlying scalp. These gently dry the hair, working systematically from inside towards the outer realms. Hence they offer great protection from heat damage and over drying. So if you have hair that is prone to get damaged, or have frizzy hair, ceramic dryers are ideal for you. Those who have curly hair or Keratin treated hair, they will be satisfied at the blow dry by ceramic hair dryers.


Revlon 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer

Revlon 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight DryerRevlon 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ionic Lightweight Dryer

These hair dryers seem to take the best of both the above mentioned types of technologies. They emit infra-red heat as well as negative ions. Thus they are great for styling, since they do not let the hair get damaged due to more exposure. They dry hair gently and also add enviable sheen to them.


Conditioning Dryer Whisper

Conditioning Dryer WhisperConditioning Dryer Whisper

Many hair dryers today offer a combination of one or more technologies, to give the perfect blow dry without causing damage. Such dryers are generally more suitable for all hair types, making them a perfect choice for a family or hair saloons who deal with many types of hair.

Choosing A Hair Dryer

I want to talk about an under appreciated technological advance that does not just hold an impact on us at an intellectual plane, but also physiologically. Yes, I am talking about our very own hair and why choosing a hair dryer for it is so very important.

Good looking hair, believe it or not, play huge role in social acceptance and representing ourselves. I hear a few people complain how heat treatments are not healthy and that is why they took a break from simplest of life’s pleasures, such as a hair dryer. Many did not even give it a fair shot because of the same reason. Let me ask you this; on what grounds did you pick your last hair dryer? Odds are if you have used one, you approved it based on ‘price’ or ‘availability’. There are less chances of one knowing there is more at play than the fan hurling hot or cold air at different speeds, let alone trying to understand the descriptors on the packaging. However primitive, it is still a good place to start learning how you can turn the grooming tables around.

Choosing A Hair Dryer - 1
Choosing A Hair Dryer - 2
Choosing A Hair Dryer - 3

Type Of Hair

First of all, it is important to know the type of hair. You want to groom your hair and are concerned about their long term health, they are either one or more of: Frizzy, Dry, Damaged or prone to damage (fragile), Coarse, Thick and hard to manage, or they are naturally Curly. On the other hand, some of you got it great, but like to frequently style your hair and then plenty of you simply like a good blow-out. No matter what your need maybe, there is a safe healthy way to rock that hairstyle you want. There is more than one feature of a dryer you need to consider before you buy yours. [Read More...]

Hair Dryer Reviews

Some hair dryer reviews of the products available in the market.

Following are some hair dryer reviews of the products available in the market by various well-known brands in the market. Whatever hair dryer you tend to choose, check out the price and its features carefully. Just because it seems to the best recommendation, it may not be the best one that suits your need. It is wise to do a thorough introspection of your own specific needs and then decide which one to purchase. If you are new to the hair dryer types, then check our link here to get a brief idea on what it is and make the most informed decision.

Top Hair Dryers For Professionals

The Best Professional Hair Dryers Money Can Buy - 2016

Elchim Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Everyone hates the bad hair days when they are out of control. Ever wondered if there was a way to keep hair healthy while getting that style? Well, there is. The Elchim Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer ($189) was designed to keep hair safe while balancing them with a burst of negative ions.

Review: The heating element in this dryer uses ionic ceramic technology resulting in level heat. What it means is that it will dry all your hair consistently. Plus, it’s a major time saver with enough power to dry hair faster. It creates a lot of heat without overwhelming most hair types. Unfortunately, it is kind of heavy. If you’re small or not very strong, it comes at a physical cost. If you have long and thick hair and you are no weight lifter, you should probably go for something more lightweight.

Panasonic Nano-e/Nano care Hair Dryer

Definitely the most oddly designed, the Panasonic Nano-e/Nano care Hair Dryer ($185) sports its own sense of style. Some people care about how things look over performance; this hair dryer was built to bring an end to this paradigm.

Review: The most surprisingly awesome feature of this product is the different heat settings for different uses. There are different heat settings for how damp or sensitive you hair are. There is even a heat setting that will allow you to dry your face without burning it.

It is powerful and yet portable, just fold up the handle and it’s ready to save that much wanted luggage space. The power on this one will cut down your drying time to half. It also makes hair straight and smooth enough that you may not have to use your flat iron after all, which is a big achievement. This dryer alone can save you over 35 minutes every day. Crazy good, right?This is a powerful tool that we will recommend for long, thick hair but not so much for fine hair.

Rusk Speed Freak Professional Blow Dryer

The notorious Rusk Speed Freak Professional Blow Dryer ($149.95) has everything you will need to get your hair dried quickly. 2000 watts of freakish power teamed with ceramic-tourmaline technology makes it ideal for all hair types.

Review: We know it’s not easy trying to find the right hair dryer for fine hair. The Speed Freak gives you the right amount of control, so you get nice smooth hair. This tourmaline dryer works based on a simple reality; moisture outside hair is not good, while moisture inside keeps it under control. The dryer has earned its reputation with the ability to dry the thickest of hair in a fraction of time.
You don’t have to dig deep to find what it lacks though. The design is not one of the best. The speed & heat controls are put right under your hand. It is not uncommon to change settings during use without realizing.

BaBylissPro Portofino 6600 Nano Titanium Blow Dryer

First on our list is BaBylissPro Portofino 6600 Nano Titanium Blow Dryer ($ 130.00). As you would expect from any professional hair dryer, it comes with a variety of attachments. But, the reason it is on the list is the Titanium-ion technology that stops frizz in its tracks.

Review: The Portofino’s powerful motor (2000 watts) guarantees quick drying experience. The word is that the motor is not just powerful, but also most durable on the market. This is precisely the leading concern of users who are trying to make a switch to professional blow dryer.

With six different heat options, there is enough to wager in the right amount of heat for your hair. The dryer comes with both a diffuser and three different sized concentrators. These features make it a much flexible piece of styling equipment. This one can also do the cool shot of air you need, but what we did not like is that you’ll have to hold the button down to keep it coming.

Rusk W8less Professional Tourmaline Dryer

The next on the list, is a part of many other lists online too and it is currently enjoying the fame. The Rusk W8less Professional Tourmaline Dryer ($135.95) is one of the lightest, most competent hair dryer ever made. The most important lesson learned by almost everyone that frequently styles their hair, is that they need a lighter piece of equipment. If you have had your arm fall asleep while styling on more than one occasion, you know what I mean.

Review: This dryer takes all of that away not only with the virtue of its weight, but because it has 2000 watts of power at its disposal. Seven different heat settings to make sure you are not putting too much heat on your hair. Even after all the power and the ceramic-tourmaline tech, it keeps the noise to a minimum.The attachments on this one don’t stay on very well. This is a design flaw which makes it imperfect, but it is just about as perfect as others except it comes in at a better price.

Top Hair Dryers For Frizzy Hair

How to manage frizzy hair and still be able to style them.

Styling & treatment can damage your frizzy dry hair, especially in the high humidity summer months. Inner cortexes of hair are covered with roof-tile shaped cuticles. Your hair is most vulnerable to frizz and dryness when these microscopic cuticles become raised while brushing or drying. This allows moisture to settle over the strands, making them swell up. Curly hair, in general, is more prone to dryness and there is no perfect frizz control solution. However you can minimize it with some simple habits. Such as brushing your hair less often and air-drying instead of towel drying after a wash.

Frizzy dry hair is a sign of hair damage. Regular heat treatment rips your hair off of hydrating moisture. Friction and heat are the major cause of frizzy dry hair. Experts will recommend you to use a hair dryer as seldom as you can. But sometimes it may not be as easy to avoid. To minimize dryness and frizz due to heat you should always go for dryers which have ionic technology, because it locks the moisture inside the strands. If your hair is naturally dry, lesser heat you set on your dryer, better it is for you. Here are the top 5 hair dryers that help you fight dryness & frizz:

Moroccanoil MO2000 Professional Series Hair Dryer ($149.99)

This is a favorite for many professionals around the world. This dryer combines tourmaline for extra negative ions leading to less frizz and additional shine. People will ask you how you manage to visit a salon so often, it is just as good.


Moroccanoil MO2000 Professional Series Hair Dryer ($149.99) - Top 5 Hair Dryers Frizzy Dry Hair

ghd Aura Professional Hair Dryer ($199 - $219)

This hair dryer is best for styling precision and control; it was designed for ease of styling while you dry. The reason it’s called Aura is because of the ring of cool air it creates around the stream of hot air. GHD has trademarked this as Cool-Wall technology. It also features another trademark technology called Laminair which makes the air-flow more concentrated.

GHD Aura ($199 - $219) - Top 5 Hair Dryers Frizzy Dry Hair

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